Version 2.0: The Future

📢 Introduction

We are back with the Update 2.0!
The Update 2.0 is a huge Step for the ArisCorp Website! It is the most advanced, polished, fastest and best Version we’ve ever released!
This Update is pioneering for the ArisCorp Website and not only this, we have many, many new Contents, better Tech and much better Compatibility!

✨ Major Feature 1

The Website is completely recoded with React.JS!
React is a open-source JavaScript frontend Library for building user interfaces based on UI components maintained by Meta. It's the most famous Frontend Library in the last Years and used by many big companys and Websites.
This results in a significantly better site-speed and a much smoother user interface.

✨ Major Feature 2

The Design system has completely changed to TailwindCSS!
TailwindCSS a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces. It's a highly customizable, low-level CSS framework that gives all of the building blocks we need to build bespoke designs without any annoying opinionated styles we have to fight to override.
This improved the usability a lot and results also in significantly better Mobile Support.

✨ Major Feature 3

The Backend is now prepared for Member Accounts!
Now each member has their own account in the backend, which means that each member can also write their biography / profile and can also write comm links themselves. Furthermore, anyone who is interested can help us with the writing of the content.

✨ new Features

  • The Comm-Links page has now a full-text-search and a filter for the channels
  • The technologys are now expanded with a personal tab
  • The technologys are now expanded with the Weapon Index
  • The API are now automatically exports Data from the Game Files and the ShipMatrix for the ShipExkurs
  • New timeline for the Verse-Exkurs
  • The Navbar has now Tooltips

🚀 improvements

  • The tab system is recoded with much better performance
  • The API is now based on GraphQL
  • The Charter is now much more structured
  • The Comm-Link page has a new layout system
  • The Verse-Exkurs Sidebar is completely recoded and restyled for better performance and usability
  • The starmap is recoded for better performance
  • The starmap has new popup windows
  • The Verse-History Carousel is recoded on a new tech
  • The Alien race is now splittet in seperate tabs
  • The Alien race has now much more information
  • The Animals are now splittet in seperate articles
  • The Plants are now splittet in seperate categorys and articles
  • The UEE section is now splittet in seperate tabs
  • The technologys are recoded for better usability
  • The entire Website has now image optimization- and proccessing
  • The Website is now a PWA

🐛 Fixes

  • All page titles are now correct
  • Meta Data is now correct
  • All layout Bugs are now fixed
  • Navbar icons glow effect are no longer in different colors
  • The VerseExkurs sidebar don't longer conceals website content

🧽 Optimizations

  • The Website is now completely SEO
  • The entire Website is now mobile optimized
  • All API Requests are optimized and has no longer an overhead
  • All navigation icons are now in svg

🛠 Now in Development

  • The ShipExkurs
  • The Armor Index
  • Internal Dashboard for Member-Hangars with a ShipExkurs integration
  • New changelog system