Version 3.0: The last big puzzle piece

📢 Introduction

Here are we with the update 3.0!
The update 3.0 is another big step for the ArisCorp Website! It's the last big piece of the puzzle that was missing on the website.

✨ Major Feature 1

The website has now the long awaited ShipExkurs!

Features in the first iteration of the ShipExkurs

In our ShipExcurs you can look up all information about the ships of the Verse. What specifications they have, the lore behind the ship, loaners, paints and variants of the ship.

ArisCorp rating

In addition, we have introduced the ArisCorp rating for each ship. An individually by us created rating of each ship that exists in the verse. A ship is evaluated in different objective points and compared with similar ships. Then there is one of our subjective opinions.

Future features

Other functions follow, such as a comparison page, all ship q&a's on the ship page translated, an overview page for which vehicles and ships fit into which ships, where you can buy which ships, a booklet like reader for brochures, a 3d viewer for each ship model and more!
In addition, we are in the process of developing our very own P4K Unpacking Tool. That would mean 100% accuracy and timeliness of our data with up to only max 1h after live patch! This tool will also be public available!

✨ Major Feature 2

We are proud to announce the ArisCorp Management System!
The first Version of the AMS inlcudes following features: a private hangar for every member, a internal fleet view, an admin tool for the administration and a profile site where every member can change his character and write a biography.
The AMS will have many more features in the future, but we are very happy that we have now a all new public fleet view where every member can deside which ship are displayed in which department.

✨ Major Feature 3

An Attachmentindex is now added to the Weapon Index!
You can learn all about the Verse weapon attachments here.

✨ Major Feature 4

The member biography page are completely reworked and in a new layout with special customization features (on request)
Additionally we have created an integration for the ShipExkurs, so that all members can display their hangar!

✨ New Features

🚀 Improvements

  • VerseExkurs(Technologies): The weapon index cards has been reworked
  • VerseExkurs(Technologies): The weapon index selection page has been reworked
  • VerseExkurs(Technologies): The weapon index detail page hasbeen reworked
  • VerseExkurs(Timeline): The link to One Day in History is now now clearly marked as a link

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Homepage(Metadata): The website now no longer has misspelling in the title
  • Homepage(Gameplays): Icons no longer have borders
  • VerseExkurs(Technologies): The gravity generator in the ship technologies now has correct link
  • VerseExkurs(Technologies): Weapon index detail page - The damage now no longer shows placeholders
  • VerseExkurs(Technologies): Ship technologies are now no longer missing an icon for life support
  • VerseExkurs(Spectrum & Literatur): Descriptions were not displayed in the list

⚠️ Disclaimer:

All features mentioned below are not guaranteed!
Furthermore, these are only the biggest features in planning and not all!

🛠 Now in Development

🛠 Features für zukünftige Versionen

  • ArisCorp P4K Unpacking Tool
  • new changelog, release-notes and doc system